Social Media in Politics, Religion, Fundraising, and Social Action

•May 2, 2010 • 1 Comment

This week in class, we talked about social media being in politics.  We talked about Obama’s Social Media Campaign.  His campaign had talked about people having profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Eons,,,,  They said that Obama has his own Twitter.  His Twitter currently has 3,772,400 followers.  He also has his own website called  We also talked about social media in religion.  There are currently Twitter pages showing different churches around the country.  There are also social networking sites that have dealt with churches in them.  There is also social media in fundraising.  Marketing fundraisers in social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter are used to show people on these sites that there are fundraisers that need people to help them with a cause.  There is also social media in social action like mass protests.  Some promote these on Twitter and Facebook to try and help other people on these sites believe in their protest and their cause for their protest.


Ipod Apps

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Monday morning, we had the chance to vchat to one of our teachers friends who created the iPod game, Panda Hero, for the iPod touch and the iPhone.  It was very interesting hearing what she had to say about that business.  She told us that there are about 2,000 games created on iTunes every week.  That is a large amount of number and she also said that there were not very many games/applications that were successful.  There is a lot that goes into making an application or game on iTunes.  It is similar to coming up with a program or game for a computer or game system.  It is very interesting to know.  She also talked to us about what the unique thing is about the business world now.  She says that most companies are not willing to hire students that have just graduated.  This is because they do not have any experience.  She says that this is not smart because experience comes with age and most business men and women with an abundance of knowledge in the business world are also older and have more experience.  She believes that businesses should hire new graduates because it would give them time to find new workers over time.

Texting/Smart Phones

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In class on Wednesday, we talked about texting and smart phones.  First we started off by watching a movie talking about technology in different parts of the world.  That movie was really interesting because everyone has at least a cell phone with their personal belongings.  After that we talked a lot about texting and marketing.  Marketing through texting sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t.  People might be interested in it depending or not if it applies to their lives.  For me they do not really work because I don’t like seeing those ads through texts.  This is because they do not really apply to my life.  I think they are pointless and they just annoy people who have text.  I know that my friends get annoyed by it so I always think that it does not work for consumers.  Consumers do not like annoying marketing ads they receive through text.  Some people think yay I got a text and when they look at it sometimes they get mad because they think it is stupid.  So in my opinion, I would not choose to market a company through texting and I would choose another strategy.


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In class on Wednesday, our teacher talked to us about blogging for success.  Just like having success in life, there is a step by step guideline for having success in your blog.  With the guidelines, you need to make changes in order to have success too.  It is just like in real life.  Blogging for success is really similar to having success in life.  One thing that comes to mind for me is having success in basketball.  This came to my mind because I am watching the Final Four on CBS.  Just like blogging for success, there are guidelines in order to succeed in the game of basketball.  With the guidelines, you also have to change up the fundamentals of the game.  Just like a blog, you have to make the style of play for the game of basketball fit your personality.  Success is an interesting concept to think about in internet marketing because some people may think it is easy to succeed in making a blog or marketing over the internet.  But it is hard to do just like everything else is in life.  You won’t succeed at something the first time you do it.  It takes time to have success.  There are many guidelines you need to follow and there are also a lot of changes that are needed to be made.

Week 6

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So this week in class we had a guest speaker talking to us about the web design process.  It was a pretty interesting talk.  That was what happened in class on Monday.  On Wednesday, we just talked about what happened with the guest speaker.  We also went over the reading we had for class.  For this week we had to read chapters 9 through 11 in our Search Engine Optimization book.  Chapter 9 talked about submitting your site to search engines and directories.  Chapter 10 talked about traffic driving techniques.  What was interesting about these 2 chapters was that it related to our Google project.  It is interesting working on this project because we can see our ads up when we search our topic on Google and I think thats pretty cool.

Week 2

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The 2nd week of class was pretty interesting because we found out that one of our projects is the Google Online Marketing Challenge.  We also had to read a couple chapters from our book, Social Media Bible.  The reading was about productivity applications like Acteva, AOL, BitTorrent, Eventful, Google Alerts, Google Docs, Google Gmail, MSGTAG, ReadNotify, Survey Monkey, TiddlyWiki, Yahoo!, Zoho, and Zoomerang.  It is interesting to find out that most of these productivity applications are from around this area in Mountain View, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Pleasanton, and Sunnyvale.  It is interesting learning about what these applications are actually used for.  It is nteresting to learn that major tv networks like NBC, MTV, and FOX use BitTorrent.  It was also interesting to know how these applications are generating revnue.  Most of these companies make money through advertising.

Hello world!

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This is the first of many blogs during this semester for my internet marketing class.  Our teacher has his students create a blog as an assignment in the class. This is an interesting assignment because it gets us a chance to feel for what blogging on the internet is about.  Our assignment is to blog every week by Sunday at 5:00 pm.  We also have to post a comment on a classmates blog and another person’s blog outside of class. 

I feel like this class is going to be very interesting.  I am really into this class because I go on the internet all the time and my concentration for business is Marketing.  I got real interested in this concentration in the business world because I thought it was interesting watching how the marketing department worked at my mom’s work.